TxDOT Kicks off "Click It or Ticket" Campaign

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN- The campaign starts on May 19 and goes on through June 1st. If you are caught with no seat belt, you'll get a hefty fine, and you might even have to go to court.

"Click it or ticket, it's very simple, you don't buckle your seat belt, you are going to get a ticket that could cost you up to 200 dollars," Glen Larum with the Texas Department of Transportation, said.

If you don't follow the rules, you could feel it a lot more than in your wallet. 
"The purpose of this is if you are wearing your seat belt, it will safe your life in an event of a roll over accident," Larum said.

Larum says it's not just your life on the line, but the lives of your loved ones.

"The fine is the least of it, if I have children I want them to be restrained in a proper car seat, if you allow your children to travel and not be restrained, you are taking a big risk, it's not worth the risk," Larum said.

And according to studies by The Texas Department of Transportation if you drive a pick up you should be more careful.

"If you are driving a truck in West Texas, there are a lot people out there, we want you to know that you are more likely to be killed if there is a roll over accident, so why wouldn't you wear seat belt to safe your life?" Larum said.

Larum says think twice before not wearing a seat belt.

"Well I don't like seat belts, well they make me feel uncomfortable, well the price you are going to pay for that may be more than you want to pay, not just the $200 for the ticket, it's the cost of your life if you are involved in a roll over accident," Larum said.       

During the campaign officers will be looking for drivers front seat passengers and children under 17 who are not buckled up. Children under five years old and less than 36 inches tall have to be in a child safety seat.