Life Center of Midland Offering Their Services to Andrews Residents

by Mary Lou Morga
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's a non profit organziation that focuses on promoting sexual integrity for life among teenagers.

And now, the Life Center of Midland will be extending their services to residentes of the small community of Andrews.

After recieving a call from the Andrews Pregnancy Resource Center about a year and a half ago, the Life Center in Midland decided to reach out to Andrew's youth.

Because of the fact that this small community has one of the State's highest pregnancy rates, the Life Center plans to educate all of the high school students on how to make positive decisions for life.

And they plan to do it by offering a variety of resources

"Offer our crisis intervention for pregnancy, material resources, educational resources, everything from prenatal pregnancy classes to sexual healing classes," Judy Rouse, Executive Director of Life Center, said.

The Life Center implemented a similar program in Big Spring in 2003 and after five years the teenage preganacy rate dropped 80%.

The Life Center plans to open the Andrews extension by September of this year.