Midland Police Searching for Man who is Assaulting Women

by Victor Lopez

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midland police on the hunt for a man who's been terrorizing apartment complexes in a Tall City neighborhood.

Most of the apartments the man is hitting are along north Midland Drive, between Andrews Highway and the Loop.

The latest place for an attack, also the one with the most attacks, Northridge Court Apartments.

A third attack was reported there earlier this week, but we're finding out that the same guy attacking women there could be causing concerns up and down north Midland Drive.

Newswest 9 spoke with Midland Police Detective Richard Candelaria, and he says the investigation into the Northridge Court assaults is at a stand still right now.

But he did get some new information on Wednesday morning on other similar assaults in complexes on Midland Drive, Andrews Highway, and Wadley.

Candelaria says all the victims have given a similar story.  An unidentified man approached them from behind, and grabbed them in the breast area.  
No other sexual assault was reported and none of the victims were robbed.  

In all, Midland Police are investigating 8 cases, 7 in apartment complexes and one that happened on Midland Drive as a woman was walking down the street.

Candelaria says that based on the interviews he conducted, they are looking for the same guy in all cases.

"Sends to me that the description of each one of 'em matches the same suspect as the one at Northridge," Detective Richard Cnadelaria, with the Midland Police Department, said.

Here's a description of the man police are looking for.   He's a hispanic man, about 30 years old. 5'7" to 5'9" tall, and 180-200 pounds.

He has facial hair like a goatee, or a beard that makes him look like he hasn't shaved.

Anyone with information should contact the Midland Police Department. 

Candelaria says that if this man is caught, he faces multple charges of assault.