ECISD Classroom Shuffle

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- ECISD will shuffle nearly 200 kids at the end of this school year and before next fall, to maximize their bilingual teaching staff. Students enrolled in bilingual classes at Lyndon B. Johnson and Gonzales will be sent to Milam and Blackshear Elementary.

"It's very cost effective for us," Director of Bilingual Education at ECISD, Lupe Hernandez, said, "For one, we maximize building use."

It's a move the district hopes will not only save money, but may actually create a surplus of teachers by consolidating the kids in each bilingual classroom.

"We're not in isolation in needing bilingual teachers, that's an area where there are always teacher shortages," Hernandez said, who adds there may actually be teachers left over even after every bilingual classroom is provided with a certified bilingual educator as required.

Parents will need to bring an ID and proof of residence to register their children between August 4-5, 2008. LBJ and Gonzales will no longer offer bilingual education.

"The bulk of the students will be attending Milam and Blackshear, are actually students who come from South Odessa, so it will actually be a shorter bus trip," Hernandez said.

ECISD has hosted parent meetings and has sent out letters to inform parents about the change.