Road Construction Causing Problems for Residents in Fort Stockton

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

FORT STOCKTON - Fort Stockton streets are getting a make over Dickinson Street which is the one of the remaining streets of the city has had construction for over a month.   There is barrels to warn drivers of the construction, but according to Ft. Stockton Police there has been an increase in car accidents.

"One of the things that has increased is mostly minor accidents and they are do to motorist not paying attention to drivers in front of them not allowing enough space between them to stop suddenly and that is one of the things that causes our accident increase," Chief Juan Castro with the Ft. Stockton Police Department, said.

And the people of Fort Stockton who are dealing with the tied up traffic have mixed feelings about it.

"Between the oil field and the construction it's making much harder to get to work, and you got to find alternate routes," Ricardo Robles, a Ft. Stockton Resident said.

"It does slow us down a little, but that's progress, and Fort Stockton is booming, and we just have to be ready for it. So we have to handle a little bit of pain in the way we live," Toni McGuire, another Ft. Stockton Resident, said.

In total, there has being about eight minor car accidents in a period of a month. No major injuries have been reported.

Construction will continue until the end of June or beginning of July depending on the weather.