Fake Fundraising in West Texas

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

A knock at the door and request for donations is causing big headaches in several West Texas communities.

Generous neighbors, beware of a fundraising scheme. 

We spoke with one Midlander in the Green Tree neighborhood who said he opened his door to a tall, dark-haired teenage boy asking for a donation. 

The student said he is collecting money as a part of the "Future Farmers of America" initiative through Permian High School, but it was all a hoax. 

He claimed that the money collected would be used by the Make-A-Wish foundation to help a student in Minnesota. 

We're told the teen has visited neighborhoods in both Midland and Odessa collecting lots of cash and checks. 

He even made up letterhead with the Make-A-Wish logo. 

We spoke with the local branch who says this is a big disappointment.

"In a way, I think it takes away from the work that we're doing here," Tina Corbett, with Make-A-Wish, West Texas, said. "We work really hard to raise money so that we can grant these wishes, and it's unfortunate that there's someone out there that is doing something that is not going to benefit our wish kids right here in West Texas."

The West Texas Make-A-Wish organization serves 42 counties. 

Right now, they are working to grant the wish of 102 children diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions. 

Make-A-Wish wants you to know that they never go door-to-door asking for money. 

They have contacted both Midland and Odessa Police. 

If you do see this teenage boy, you are asked not to donate, and report the incident to local law enforcement.