EZ Rider Moving to New Territory to Help Residents with Transportation

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

With gas prices at an all time high, EZ Rider is moving to new terrority to help ease some of the pain the consumers are feeling on their wallets.

Due to the fact that many Permian Basin residents travel every day to Midland/Odessa for appointments and other personal business.

EZ Rider along with West Texas Opportunities, All Aboard America, and Greyhound Buses are joining their forces to help every resident of West Texas.

"The combination of all the transportation providers together is where we can make the service effective and efficient since we're all using some type of government dollars," Edward Esparza with EZ Rider, said.

While EZ Rider will focus on the residents in Midland/Odessa, West Texas Opportunities will accomodate residents is cities as far as Presidio.