Fire Investigation Takes an Interesting Turn

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Investigators in Midland County are searching for answers. 

What started as a fire investigation in Midland County led authorities on a different trail. 

The Price fire in East Midland County scorched 2500 acres and destroyed three homes on May 1st.  As investigators began trying to figure out the fire details they say it snowballed into something more. 

It started with the arrest of a 16-year-old, who now faces arson charges.  When the interviews related to the fire started authorities found evidence of other illegal activity. 

Stolen goods were found including four all-terrain-vehicles. 

Four other juveniles were arrested and drug-related charges have been filed. 

Sheriff Gary Painter says the teen's behavior was stunning.

"The callousness, the total disregard for life and property by this individual is just amazing to me,"  Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter said. "And why these other individuals did not come forward to tell us what's going on and what happened is just amazing. Absolutely amazing."

Investigators believe this teen lit matches intentionally trying to start the fire. 

The U.S. and Texas Forest Service, Midland County officials, and the Fire Marshall are all working the case together. 

Midland County law enforcement began making the arrests at the end of last week. 

They say they are certain more charges will be filed.