BSISD Administrators Comment on Bond Election

by Victor Lopez
NewWest 9

BIG SPRING--According to BSISD Board President, Alan Partee, "Our schools are just getting, deteriorating as time goes on and our volume of kids is also going up."

Big Spring has five elementaries.   The total current enrollment is close to 2000 students. 
And it's that growing number, that had administrators and board members pushing for the new bond.

Building a new elementary would have meant closing campuses at Washington and Bauer, the oldest campus in the district.  Those were built in the 1930's.
The remaining three would be for Kindergarten and first grade, while second, third and fourth graders would attend class at the newestaddition to Big Spring ISD. But it seems for now, all that's going to have to wait.

Wenda Christopher, Principal at Bauer Elementary tells NewsWest 9, the need for these improvements, still exists, even if voters didn't seem to agree.

"I know that district wide, we have a lot of needs.  Washington and Bauer do need renovations or it would be better to have a new elementary campus.  But also the high school is in dire need of a new roof, and there's some other repairs at other schools that this bond election would have helped."

Alan Partee has an opinion as to why the bond wasn't well recieved.

"Right now our city, our county and our college have all passed a bond, and we're kind of last in line.  So it's kind of not good timing to try to get this through."

But he adds, this is not the last you'll hear on this subject, "It's still something we need and I know we, as a board, will look at it for down the line."

School officials agree, the future passage of this bond is all for a very good reason.

According to Partee, "This is for the future of our kids, and that issue is still there."

While Christopher adds, "Especially at the high school, that roof just needs to be repaired and our students deserve better conditions in which to learn."