ECISD School Board Shakeup

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The signs are stacked and so is the ECISD School Board, with new faces following Saturday's election.

Incumbent Doyle Woodall and L.V. Butch Foreman III are out. Tom Pace and Donnie Norwood have taken over Districts 4 and 7 respectfully.

Yollie Wilkins beat out Lorrie Vickers for District 5 formerly held by Randy Reeves.

"When I was campaigning I knocked on door, after door after door, I listened to people and there are many things that people think need to be done in this district and of course I knew some after teaching in it so long," Yollie Wilkins who wants to tackle overcrowding, teacher retention and satisfaction over the next four years, said.

Wilkins says her life has revolved around E.C.I.S.D. for three decades, starting when she became a teacher for the District. Now with three grandchildren in the school system, she says she wants to attract quality teachers and raise the level of education provided by the district.

The veteran educator also wants to make sure the board can compromise to do what's best for the students.
"I don't think you always have to agree with each other, but I think you have to come to a consensus," she said.

Donnie Noorwood spent 30 plus years as a teacher and administrator, and he wants to take on the district's challenges head-on.

"Overcrowding is a problem. We have to look at equalizing the schools, either by redistricting or possibly by building new campuses," he said, adding a demographic study will help the district chose the best way to handle the problem.

Noorwood also says he wants to raise the level of success rate for the students.

"The school district needs to work with Mr. Mendez and his current administration and they need to come up with a plan for next week and next year, and a plan for five years down the road," he said.