Tanning Beds May Increase Possibility for Skin Cancer

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

PERMIAN BASIN-  People who choose tanning beds are gambling with their lives for looks.  This is according to resent studies by the Texas Dermatologist Society.  We all have heard that sometimes to be beautiful we have to suffer.  But how far are we willing to go for that beauty?

"We have several studies that are coming that say are proving an association between the ultraviolet radiation of tanning beds and different types of skin cancer," Dr. Richard Bartlett, Permian Prompt Care, said.

On an average day more than one million Americans go to tanning salons.  So why is there a fascination with looking tan?

"There is an association between beauty and having a tan, there is just a great desire to conform and fit in as far as what is accepted, so there is a lot of preasure in teenager and young ladies to consider a tan part of looking their best," Dr. Bartlett said.

A tanned sking might look good now. But in twenty years is another story.
"Usually it does not happen when a teenager is tanning it shows up later in their 50's and so even thought they do not have an immediate problems that happens when they are tanning and they are young they still increase the risk," Dr. Bartlett said.

Dr. Barlett says you can still enjoy the sun without taking big risks.

"At least an SPF power of fifteen in their tanning lotions, the greater the number greater the protection, also wearing a hats and staying out of the sun from 11 to 4,"  Dr. Bartlett said.      

Studies also found that exposure to tanning beds before the age of 35 increased the risk of skin cancer by 75%.