Ector County Special Investigations Unit Fighting Against Drugs

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

Back in April of 2006, Ector County started a special investigation unit. 

So far they've confiscated everything from black tar heroin to crack cocaine.

Since the unit began, around $2 1/2 million worth of illegal drugs have been seized. 

Their biggest find is cocaine. 

In two years, they've found $1.5 million worth, about 15,000 grams. 

And those numbers just keep climbing.

On Wednesday, they confiscated cocaine and marijuana with a street value of $6,100. 

The three arrested now face federal charges. 

We spoke with Sheriff Donaldson on Friday who says they use as many officers as they can to get the job done.

"We could have every deputy out here working fulltime on narcotics and we're not going to find everybody selling drugs or find all the drugs," Donaldson said. "With the resources we have we just keep on going, keep on after them."

The unit hasn't just been successful with finding drugs, they've also recovered weapons, cash, and put 50 gang members in handcuffs. 

Sheriff Donaldson also told us the best way for them to catch illegal drugs is through people in the community who call in with information about suspicious activity.