Search Continues for Double Murder Suspect

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

The search is on for the a murder suspect that Pecos police say killed a husband and wife inside their bar. 

As NewsWest 9 was the first to tell you, the stabbing happened sometime after 10 p.m. Tuesday night. 

The bodies were found by family members Wednesday afternoon. 

Pecos authorities spent about 5 hours Wednesday night searching for clues in this ongoing investigation.

"We've got 3 investigators that are assigned to that," Pecos Police Chief, Clay McKinney, said. "We had a meeting this morning to discuss this case, and we've been in contact with the District Attorney's office."

Officials say, nothing like this has ever happened at DJ's before.

"People there pretty much tend to their own business, don't cause any trouble," McKinney said. "We hardly ever get a call there of any kinds of problems."

Right now, there is a multi-state search for the victim's stolen vehicle.

"That's a crucial piece of evidence for us, because we want the person driving that vehicle," McKinney said.

They also have a suspect, 50-year-old Randall Lee Stephens, a current Pecos resident.

"It's crucial. Anytime you have a murder or homicide, the first 24, 48, 72 hours is key, because you want to try to collect any evidence that is still fresh," McKinney said.

NewsWest 9 spoke with family members on Thursday who say this tragedy is making them rethink the safety of their community. Many Pecos neighbors say the same.

"It's a shock to hear this in a small town," one Pecos resident, said.

"It's sad, because it is a good community," Sherri Dawley, said.  "I mean, people do watch out for each other here."

Police say they need your help.

"The community always works good with us," McKinney said. "We have a good relationship and they are our eyes and ears. They always have been. And they see a lot and call us, so we hope something will turn up through that avenue."

Authorities have issued a multi-state lookout for the stolen grey 1995 Ford F350 truck. If you have any information about the suspect or the vehicle, you are urged to contact law enforcement.