FIRST ON NEWSWEST9: Double Murder in Pecos

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

PECOS - Police are searching for suspects after a brutal double homicide at DJ's Roundup Bar in Pecos.

NewsWest 9 spoke with family members who say they were the ones who discovered the bodies around 4p.m. Wednesday Afternoon.

Family Members also say they think the murder happened between 10p.m. and midnight on Tuesday.

"When we pulled in at 4:00 after numerous phone calls to them, we couldn't get an answer on neither one of their cell phones.  Me and my sister pulled up from a job and pulled in like we usually do to check on them to make sure they were ok.  Upon entry we discovered them stabbed to death on the floor," Fred Tucker, relative of the victims, told NewsWest 9.

NewsWest 9 asked "What have authorities told you they're looking for as far as suspects?"

"Right now, they're not really saying what suspect, but we do know that his truck, my brother-in-laws truck was stolen.  It's a charcoal grey, 1994 Ford F-350, 4-Door Rig Truck, it's got a heavy duty bumper, back bumper is heavy duty, pipe pumpers.  It's a very noticeable truck, and it's a real long-bed crew cab with a silver tool box on it.  So, if anybody sees it, that's probably who did this," Tucker said.

The names of the victims involved in double murder are Richard and Alicia Cherry.  They are married and own DJ's Roundup Bar in Pecos.  The license plate number of the truck is 8DFV60. 

An autopsy has been ordered and will be performed in El Paso.

Keep it tuned to NewsWest 9 for the latest on this developing story.