Parking Problems Around Midland High School

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Some Midland homeowners who live near Midland High are tired of students parking in front of their houses instead of the school's designated parking lots.

"I get frustrated sometimes that I can't park in front of my own house, I can't have friends over, because I don't have any where to park them sometimes," Ewan McCaslend, resident, said.
And parking isn't the only problem.

"The kids throw their trash down, and walk across the yard, and it makes it really inconvenient for any one who lives here and my costumers," Craig Kilebrew, a business owner, said.

All this is also affecting business around the neighborhood.

"Where do I park? Or a lot of them won't come until school is out, they won't come in the mornings, because there is no place to park," Kilebrew said.
The city says they're trying to do something about it.

"A type of permit ordinance allowing residents to obtain a permit to park in front of their house, nobody else can park there unless they have a permit," Gary Saunders, City Transportation Manager of Midland, said.

Parking permits are not something new in the area. But it is for "D" Street and Illinois.  Right now, these two streets have 90 minute limit parking. But some residents are hoping that the permit parking ordinance passes.

"I think the permit parking will be great, I would like to see a permit, I would not mind paying for a permit to park in front of my own place," McCaslend said.

If the ordinance passes each house will get two free passes, but businesses are worried about how they are going to handle the situation. 

"Do my costumers have to get a permit before they can come and park here or if they can prove they were coming is that acceptable?" Kilebrew said.

The fate of the ordinance will be decided in the coming May 13 City Council meeting.  If it passes they hope this will help the trash problem. The principal of Midland High School says they have put out more trash cans around the school. She also says they regularly remind students of the importance of not littering.