Midland Resident Has a Close Call with a Swarm of Bees

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - "We pulled up and my next door neighbor was coming out telling us that bees were in the back yard and in the front yard," Holly Gonzales told NewsWest 9.

Holly and her family were coming back from a softball game on Sunday afternoon when they found they were being invaded by bees. The worst part of the situation was her year and half old dog was under attack.

"She had bees all over her stomach, and all over her back, he was swatting her with a hat, which probably hurt as bad as the bees, but it was the only way to take the bees off," Gonzalez said.

Holly might be laughing now but Sunday was another story.

"My kids were in the house screaming, because of course me and my husband were freaking which tends to scare the kids, then the bees were in the house, because they were on her, because we brought her into the house so they were kind of freaking out, because bees were in their room so we were trying to kill those bees," Gonzalez said.

In total her beloved dog, Lexus, was stung by more than two dozen bees, but she was treated in time and will be ok.

"It was very scary, I was freaking out, she is my baby, it's my other child," Gonzalez said.

Bee exterminators recommend to be very careful with bees around the yard. Experts also say, if you have a bee hive in your house, immediately call an expert.