Gas Cap Locks Selling Like Hot Cakes in the Basin

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With gas prices so high, many people are looking to protect their valuable fuel in their tank. Gas caps with locks are a hot selling item at local auto stores. As NewsWest 9 discovered, they're getting harder to find, than a good deal on gas.

It's business as usual at O'Reilly Auto Parts in Midland. However, there's one item marked on the shelves that's tough to find: Locking Gas Caps.

"When gas prices hit close to $2.50 to $3 is when the sales increased," Gary Parson, the Assistant Manager at O'Reilly Auto Parts in Midland, said. "We're doing four times in the last two, three months than we did last year."

No, that's not a misprint: they've sold four times more this year than all of last year. They said it's been tough trying to restock them week after week.

"A few are buying it, because they complain they've had their's stolen on it, and the rest of them are more concerned that they want to get the cap before their gas is stolen," Parson explained.

And while mechanics said there's more than one way people could actually steal gas from your car, they said a lock on your gas tank can actually help to be a big deterrent.

Other Auto stores told NewsWest 9 they've seen more sales for gas cap locks, but not every store can report such a jump in sales.

"In general, the people that are disconcerted about losing their gas, it's getting hard to pay your bills let alone gas," Parson added.

Managers said since gas prices look like they may stay high for a long time, they said they'll work to keep more of those locks in stock.