Insurance Costly for Mobile Home Residents

by Roma Vivas

NewsWest 9

ODESSA- A rolling grass fire can tear through a mobile home in minutes.  But some West Texas home owners are rolling the dice everytime a fire starts. Homeowners who live in mobile homes, and never get insurance may be taking a risk. Every time the winds kick up. But some say it's just too costly to ensure a mobile home and they'll take their chances. 

"In a fire, you really don't have time to get your things out," Scott Sanderlin, mobile home renter, said.

West Texas has seen it's fare share of fires. Just last week one family lost their mobile home do to a uncontrollable grass fire. Unfortunately, mobile homes are structures that catch on fire easily.

"They are not constructed as well as most houses, they have thinner walls, they are insulated as well and if they are not under pinned then the fire can run under those trailers really quick," Captain Danny Wyatt, with the Odessa Fire Department, said.

Another problem with mobile homes is the cost of insurance and even getting a company to offer the option.

"Well not all companies carry insurance for mobile homes whether for it's the mobile home itself or the content, and if they do it's not only expensive but they come out and inspect the place, and if don't meet their standars they will not insure it," Sanderlin said.

But there are some things you can do to prevent your mobile home to catch on fire.

"They need to have smoke alarms all through the trailer house, two or three, and change the battery two times a year, they need to clear their lots," Captain Wyatt said.

Captain Wyatt also says to be careful with space heaters around curtains and rugs. He also says watch your children closely if you have candles lit around the house.