Pecos Residents Speaking Out About Rabies Outbreak

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

PECOS - The work is on to stop the massive Rabies outbreak in Reeves County. But one group in Pecos blames officials for the problem. After the outbreak earlier this year, an Animal Control Committee was set up to keep the city safe. However, members of the the Committee said so far, efforts to control the outbreak aren't working.

"It's overwhelming, animals running loose, not being vaccinated, they don't have tags," Teenie Crider, the President of the Animal Control Committee and Pecos Resident, said.

Crider said something must be done about how animals are treated in Pecos. She, along with Lori Hughes and Ruth Luster, said Friday not enough is being done to enforce all the animal laws. Plus, she said there's no way the animal shelter is helping to prevent spreading Rabies.

"It's a hell hole. It's a terrible place. I know exactly, I've lived here for 32 years, that pound's been there for 32 years, and I know how they've run it for 32 years," Crider explained.

In fact, conditions are so bad now, that state officials aren't allowing any dogs to be quarantined in the building.

"It's an old facility, it's 20 plus years old, the lighting's poor, the ventilation poor, some of the drainage system is poor, and we know that, we acknowledge that, and we went to the council this year and already have plans in the works for the new facility," Chief Clay McKinney with the Pecos Police Department, explained.

McKinney also said the new shelter should help to prevent future Rabies outbreaks.

"I'm hoping and praying that we do get a new pound real soon, a lot sooner than what there he gave us eight months. That's too long," Crider said.

But McKinney said they won't have exact numbers until the engineers finish their work. He said no one is slacking off about the Rabies problem in the County.

"The whole Rabies epidemic that we have in Reeves County scares me right now. Its scares the city farmers and the county government, that we're all very concerned about it," McKinney added.

Members of the Animal Control Committee also said they hope this issue doesn't get put on the backburner. They said after they contacted NewsWest 9 the Mayor was considering dissolving the Committee. But they said, it won't stop them from speaking out about a big issue in Pecos.