Residents Picking Up the Pieces after 2,400 Acre Grassfire

By Camaron Abundes 
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND CO.- High Temperatures started a 2,400 acre grass fire between the Midland and Martin County line, Thursday, According to Midland County Fire Marshal Dale Little. The dangerous combination of fast winds and flames destroyed at least two homes and three other structures.

"Not everything is completely gone, I've got my family, and I've got my kids," said Adela Casas Sotelo, who lost everything in the Price Fire. Sotelo says her faith and family will help her rebuild.

Her son Bobby Sotelo, sifted through the rubble Friday, and found what was left of his drum set.

"I've got a show coming up May 17th, and I don't have a drum set," the Greenwood Senior said.

Despite the loss, everywhere you look Friday, the beat went on. Crews mopped up hot spots and tallied up the damage.

"Memories are gone, but I've got a lot of famil,y and they've got a lot of pictures so there going to put some together for me,"  Sotelo said.

Crews from as far as Big Spring showed up to help fight the fire as Emergency response teams closed down I-20 for hours.

"I saw a bunch of smoke, and so I thought my house is gone," but Willis Ogelsby found his home spared, "Planes were coming in, the bulldozers were running all over the place, the main tankers were cutting fire breaks, and all this old dry mesquite was just fuel for the fire."