Grassfire Burns Two Homes

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Fire crews are still tackling hot spots and sorting out all the damage after a massive grass shutdown I-20 on Thursday afternoon.

Midland County Fire Marshal Dale Little says at least two homes are completely gone.

They've also found at least three other structures including a shed, burned to the ground.

The fire started near County Road 64, straddling the Midland and Martin County lines around three.  

When firefighters arrived, 40 mile per hour winds pushed the flames further east.

50 homes ended up being evacuated.

The fire then jumped across I-20 forcing crews to shutdown the interstate for hours.

Crews from as far as Big Spring and Odessa showed up to help.

"We got into a situation where we couldn't catch it. It's pretty well contained, but we will be here all night trying to get all the hot spots," Midland County Fire Marshall, Dale Little, said.

The Texas Forest Service sent in three air tankers, and several oil companies brought in thousands of gallons of water.

The Red Cross is also helping the families who lost everything in the blaze.

There was only one injury.