Authorities Investigating Abuse of Boys at Polygamist Compound

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

New allegations of abuse, both sexual and physical are now being looked into to see if it's true,  and officials say they're disturbed by the number of pregnant teens.

Investigators are now looking into the possibility boys were sexually abused as well as girls at the polygamist ranch.

That's not all they're checking out.

They say at least 41 of the children removed from the compound suffered broken bones at one time or another, even the youngest of kids.

Meanwhile, one of the girls removed from the ranch gave birth at a San Marcos hospital Tuesrday to a healthy baby boy.

The polygamist group says the mother is 18, but state officials say she's younger.

On Wednesday, investigators talked about the number of pregnant teens.

"There are a total of 27 persons with a reported age of 14 to 17; of those 27, we have been able to confirm that 8 are pregnant, have children or both," one official said.

The head of Child Protective Services told lawmakers on Wednesday that while the children were in state custody with women from the compound they were coached to confuse investigators who were trying to identify them.

He says the women switched children, and traded their clothing along with their kids.  

CPS says they also put ID bracelets on the children, and that all of those bracelets had been tampered with.