Fire Crews Clean Up Junk Fire in South Odessa

by Antonio Lujan
NewsWest 9

SOUTH ODESSA - Odessa fire crews mopping up after a junk fire that sent black smoke billowing into the sky south of Odessa.

No reports of injuries from that fire, but the people who live in the area near Adobe and South Highway 385 say this fire is one that should have never happened.

Fire crews have the blaze under control and despite the hard winds, it did not spread.   The fire started around 1:30 when according to neighbors, the property owner came out and started burning junk.  There is old material, cars, fencing material, and other objects lying around the lot where the fire burned.

One of the neighbors did actually approach us and said he did go out and speak to Commissioner Armando about the situation and the County has not done anything about it.

After today, he plans on going back and asking Judge Spivey to see if they can do something about the situation.

"I've been to the Commissioner a couple of times and i've been telling him about this guy here that just every day he brings junk out here and just stacks it out here.   This happened in two to three years," Neighbor Frank Granado, said.

"There are some structures that we had to be concerned about, fire spreading into that area and going all the way to 385.   You want to avoid burning, you want to avoid doing anything that may potentially get away from you, because you can see what the result of that can be," O.F.D. Batallion Chief David Parker, said.

As NewsWest 9 reported earlier this month the burn ban is still in effect, so fire crews urge you not to burn anything within and outside of the city limits.