Ector County Elections Office Informing Citizens of New Voting Machines

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Some voters are still not familiar with the voting machines.

So the Elections Office is going around the County to make sure everyone knows what to do.

"Would you like some information about the upcoming May election held on Saturday May 10th?"

The Elections Office for Ector County is going around making sure all of it's voters are up to speed with the voting machines, especially those who have busy schedules.

"This makes a difference being out and getting information because some people really don't even know what is going on, they have said they don't have a TV, I don't listen to radio, so maybe me coming out and doing this we will get the community informed," Lisa Sertuche, with the Ector County Elections Office, said.

The process is very simple.

"At first like I said they were intimidated about using, them but once they use it, it's no problem and of course if there is someone Hispanic that does not know English, we will have someone there at the polling place that can translate for them," Sertuche said.

The E-Slate machine has been in use for a couple of years, and while there was some resistance, it's all good now.

"So you select your language by turning your wheel, once you have done that, hit enter, you will be issuef a four digit access code, once you have gone and check in at the table.  Once you have done that, it will take you directly to your ballot," Sertuche said.

And some voters feel very comfortable with them.

"They seem very easy, and they are there to help you," Voter Tracy Howard, said.

If you have any questions about the process and would like a demonstration, just call the Elections Office at 498-4038.

They will show you the machine and answer any questions you have.