Big Repair Work On The Way For Pecos Pool

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

PECOS -How much and how long will it take? Those are the two biggest questions school board members in Pecos are asking about how to repair major damages at the High School pool. Board members called for a special meeting Monday evening to talk about how to fix some major problems with the building. NewsWest 9 was at Monday's meeting for the big move residents are hoping will help.

There's still a lot of frustration about the best way to deal with the multiple problems at the high school Natatorium. On Monday, board members talked about a few options about how to deal with the building's flaws. They ended up approving the Superintendent to continue talks with the architects and engineers, but there's no doubt this is not going to just be a patchwork job.

"It's a huge undertaking, it's going to take probably a major project for an engineer," Rey Villarreal, the personnel director with Pecos-Barstow-Toyah ISD, said.

Villarreal says he first noticed some serious cracks in the walls a few months ago. And a lot of it, is problems with the foundation.

"There's been some significant settling on [the southwest] corner of the building, and it's been significant enough that we've had some structural engineers look at it, and they have found some voids underneath and some settling, and they're addressing that problem," Villarreal explained.

But that isn't the only problem. Architects also said there are fractured drain lines in the building. For now, administrators are not letting anyone use the pool.

"The engineers have enough concern, that because of the settling, and unknown, that safety is the first issue," Villarreal said. "So we are doing some precautionary moves right now, and not allowing use of the pool at this time."

And that's causing problems for planned summer fun.

"We put our summer programs on hold for the time being, because we don't have a set timeline, so we're going to work on that as soon as we can to try and see if we can schedule some of our summer programs," Villarreal added.

Again, a lot of people are worried about not having a concrete timeline. School administrators are now approved to use up to $125,000 dollars to repair the building. But that also comes with an expectation that most of the work will be finished within four weeks. Board members also said they plan on knowing more within the next few days.