Three People Involved in Weekend Standoff Won't Be Facing Any Charges

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Three people who police say barricaded themselves in an apartment for two hours on Sunday night won't be facing charges related to that incident, but they're not off the hook.

They have other charges to deal with.

Choyce Tolliver, Tierra Tucker, and Chad Granberry all turned themselves in Sunday night in the 1000 thousand block of 19th Street when they decided to come out.

That's not far from San Jacinto Elementary.

According to officers in the area, they heard gunshots and when they went to check it out, the three wouldn't come out.

Police called for back-up, and were able to reach the trio by phone, and convinced them to come out.

Tolliver is facing a public intoxication charge.

Tucker is looking at a possession of drug paraphanelia charges, and Granberry was wanted on some outstanding warrants.