67th Street Residents Forced to Drink Bottled Water

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Residents forced to drink bottled water, after experts from the Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found 31 different water wells were contaminated north of Odessa, say they're happy the city and epa are extending the city's drinking water out into the County.

Experts don't know how the area dubbed the East 67th Street groundwater plume was contaminated, but in a City Council meeting in April, city officials discussed a partnership with the EPA to give some 31 residents access to the city's drinking water.

The area is along east 67th Street and VFW lane.

The Devilla Mobile Home Park on VFW is where the contamination was first discovered.

Some residents say they're happy about getting fresh water lines.

"They ought to have the disk diggers out here now, digging the ditches.  They'll take their time, I guess.  They don't get into a big hurry about things," Billy Mantooth, a resident in the area, said.

Mantooth says a charcoal water filtration system was put on his well. According to the EPA, seven other private wells were also fitted with a filtration system.

Mantooth says he along with several other neighbors have had cancer. He's not sure if it's linked to his bad water.

Mantooth also says the city has told him the new water lines could be in place as soon as September.