Stanton Residents Meet to Hear Bobcat Attack Stories

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

STANTON- Stanton residents looked to find some answers about what it's liked to be attacked by a bobcat. Bobcats usually are afraid of humans.And they rarely attack us. But that all changes if they have rabbies. Then they can be vicious and even turn deadly. And it's a lesson two women had to learn the hard way.

Doris and Peggy both are survivors of bobcat attacks. Doris lived north of Colorado City when one of these felines charged out of cover  and clawed her with it's hind legs during her afternoon stroll. After the encounter, Doris feels she's on a mission to teach people about rabbies.

"The reason I survived this bobcat attack is I am supposed to help children, adults, and animals to escape from this terrible viral infection," Doris McClellan, a bobcat attack victim, said.

After recuperating from her wounds Doris started going to schools telling her story. She later decided to write a book about her expereince and give information about rabbies.

"I don't want to instale fear only facts that will help to safe lifes in ways that people can identify a animal that rabbies, and what to do about it," McClellan said.

At the time of attack, Doris was recuperating from Cancer, and even though she had painful open wounds from the attack she found more strengh to keep fighting.

"Strength and confidence and more purpose, it makes me apreciate everyday more than I have, it makes me more aware of my envrionment that I have ever being," McClellan  

According to Doris and Peggy when you are in the wild you have to very careful of your surroundings. Just pay attention to things like if there any other animals around you and what is their behavior. They also say if you get bit by any wild animal, please get a rabies shot. You never know if that animal was infected.