Video Surfaces of Girls Fighting at School

By Hema Mullur
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - We've seen it in Fort Worth, Indiana, and in Florida, where eight girls could spend life in prison for being videotaped brutally beating another girl who posted insults on the internet.  Now, we're seeing a similar, disturbing scenario in West Texas, and officials say, they're doing everything they can to put a stop to it.

"I'd be embarrassed, I'd be mad, I'd be going after somebody for some answers."

A video passed from student to student in cyberspace.

Two girls in a hallway at Hood Junior High brutally attacking one another as a cell phone camera catches the whole thing go down. 

"I've checked around on MySpace, I've clicked on several profiles, and they're all talking about it," one mother said.

For about 45 seconds the girls go at it.

Punching, pulling hair, and kicking, all as dozens of other students just egg them on.

"You can hear all the kids shushing in the video, so the teachers won't hear it," she said.  "I'm wondering, where are the teachers?"

We spoke with Ector County I.S.D. spokesman Mike Adkins who says that's not quite how it happened.

"It did not happen in between classes, it happened before school," Adkins said.  "The hallway where the kids are in this particular case is the hallway that leads to the gym, and there are no classrooms along that hallway.  As soon as our campus police officer was notified of it he got in there, and he did break the fight up."

The girls have been punished, but will it stop these videotaped fights from surfacing again?

"Between school officials, and parents, and other students, we have to be proactive in stopping this and changing this thought, or this pattern of behavior," Adkins said.  "We've all got to work together, because it's affecting all of us."

"Have an open relationship with your kids," one mom agreed.  "It's better to know what they're doing than for them to be doing it behind your back.  Find out what they're doing and get involved in your kids' lives."

As Adkins says, the girls were sent to the office after the fight and were punished by the district.     

He says after an investigation is complete, it is likely they will also face criminal charges.