Lamesa Car Dealership Accessing Storm Damage

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

LAMESA - It only pounded the town for 15 minutes, but that hailstorm in Lamesa on Thursday night, defintely left its mark.

Today, insurance companies were swamped with claims, and one car dealership is dealing with a lot of dings and dents.

"Around 6:30, 6:45, yesterday, we had a cloud come over and just dropped a lot of bunch of hail," Randy Hobson, Manager of Benny Boyd Chevrolet in Lamesa, said.

And insurance companies on Thursday were are swamped with complaints.

"In our office we have taken over 250 automobile claims, and probably over 100 fire claims, homes and business and so far so multiply that by all the of the other insurance companies here in town so it was a pretty expensive hail storm," Paul Wade, an insurance agent with State Farm, said.

The hail storm damaged everything its path.

"In the automobiles probably 50% have broken windshields and some pretty major damage there on the home of course the roofs took the hail damage and lot of broken skylarks," Wade said.

One business that took it pretty bad was this dealership in this lot there more than 150 cars and they all have hail damage, but now they have an opportunity to make more sales.

"Hopefully in these types of situations customers win, we win and unfortunately the insurance company does not. We hope to sell a lot of cars, they are great buys, obviously with all of the incentives that is going on we put this on top of it and it enables people to buy cars that they normally could not buy them," Hobson said.

This dealership is still waiting for the insurance company to come and tell them how much car damage they have, but they are sure it's not going to impact their profit.