Local CMN Child Accepted to UTPB

By Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Whenever we talk about the children's miracle network, usually small infant children come to mind, but there are some teens here in the basin who have relied on cmn for their own special needs over the years, and one of those teens is turning into a true success story.

You've heard the name Kaitlyn Barton before, and I can assure you, it won't be the last.

That's because the soon to be Midland Christian graduate continues to impress.

Kaitlyn has won a Presidential Award for her grades and for participation in school, and she has just been accepted to U.T.P.B. in the fall.

Not bad for a girl who almost died from an undiagnosed pituitary tumor in December of 2004, but doctors at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, not only helped her survive, but they've also put her back on the path to success.

Kaityln is ecstatic, and says her prayers truly have been answered.

"I'm gonna graduate May 23rd and I've been accepted to UTPB as a incoming Freshman, so I'm excited about that.   Hopefully, I can major in Psychology and help kids who have been in my position or just any other spectrum of things.  They're just kind of throwing their hands up right now like we didn't do that much, but you're getting better.   Just praise God, basically, that's all I can attribute it to," Barton said.

And some more good news for the talented graduate, doctors had told her she'd probably never grow taller than four foot ten inches, but just since last year's C.M.N. Telethon, Kaitlyn was very excited to inform NewsWest 9 that she's now four feet eleven and growing.

And there's no doubt, the sky is the limit for this intelligent, kind, and talented young lady.

Kaitlyn, good luck, and we'll see you soon at this year's C.M.N. Telethon.