Education for Eldorado Children

By Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Some of the children from the Y-F-Z Ranch in Eldorado were brought to the High Sky Children's Ranch in Midland on Tuesday afternoon.

Folks who are looking after some of the FLDS children say they have no idea who the President is, that our country is at war, or even, who The Beatles are. 

And today we learned that Midland I.S.D. will soon begin educating these kids, they say, it's going to be a delicate and gradual process.

"We are in unchartered territory," said Woodrow Bailey, MISD. "Nothing like this has ever been addressed before."

M.I.S.D. has assembled a team of adminstrators, special education teachers, and health workers who are ready to go.

"We actually don't know how to proceed," Bailey said. "But we're going to do our best as far as our professional judgement is concerned in addressing those students, not knowing exactly what their needs may be.

Counselors say it's important to gradually acclimate the children to their new surroundings.  They may not understand what a television is or what a cell phone is.

"Even though they've lived in America, there's a big portion of America they haven't been introduced to, they haven't seen," Kitty Binek, with the Center for Children and Families, said. "It's going to be a shock. It will be culture shock."

The school district says its going to be an extensive process of evaluating their educational needs.

"There are other things they are dealing with at this point in time that must be addressed first: counseling, emotional needs, and that type of thing," Bailey said.

"It's going to be very important for the adults who are working with these kids, to meet these kids where they are at," Binek said.

At this point, school officials are still in the preliminary stages of planning where, when, and how they will train the children.

"It's going to be a big transition," Binek said.

Teachers will work with the children at the High Sky Ranch until they are ready to move into regular school classes. The school district says they may begin working with the kids as early as next week.