Burglaries in Church Parking Lots

by Roma Vivas
News West 9

FORT STOCKTON- Fort Stockton Police are investigating some unusual thefts going on near Churches.  While the Church-goers were inside praying, the thieves were preying on their belongings out in the parking lot.

"I was pretty upset, because it was a total of almost 3,000 dollars."

Leticia Calderon has been burglarized 3 times.  Two of those times have been in the parking lot of a Church in Fort Stockton, and now Leticia feels unsafe in town.

"I was scared, because I was thinking they now know my address, they know who I am, and  someone might be watching me, while I am by myself," Calderon said.

According to Ellie Martinez, thieves are doing things in a very sneeky way.

"They don't break into your vehicles, there is no damage done to them or anything, and they don't take your purse, but they do take your cash," Martinez said.

And this is not the first time Ellie has being a victim of theft either, It's the second time.

"I told my husband, we have being robbed again, look all my money is gone, and I reached down to get my cell phone, and it was gone," Martinez said.

According to Ellie she knows of 10 people who have been burglarized the same way. NewsWest 9 talked to the Fort Stockton Police Department, and they tell us there has been an increase in these type of thefts, and they are working in some leads.