Midland Man Offers Alternative to Public Street Racing

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - Racing besides being illegal is also very dangerous.

If you are caught racing you could go to jail and pay a big fine, but don't worry there are still other alternatives.

"Any kind of racing is dangerous, but you can put in an environment like we have, and reduce all of the danger, that is by taking it off the public streets."

Mike Waldrop owns Desert Thunder Raceway in Midland, but before you go and start racing you have to take some things in consideration.

"For a normal street racing car, you need a good set of seat belt, we recommend a helmet as safety precaution, but it's not required," Waldrop said.

Of course, racing on a speed track does not mean you are 100% safe.

"We will occasionally have an accident, but we are equipped for it, we have an ambulance with paramedics on site, we have retaining walls to keep them on the track, and all kinds of equipment to get them out of the car if necessary," Waldrop said.

This speed track has been in the area since 2000 and Mike Waldrop says it has helped to reduce speed racing accidents.

"I have talked to several law enforcements, and they say they have seen a decrease in street racing which is one of our objectives," Waldrop said.

And the Odessa Police Department is trying to keep racers of our roads.

"Speed causes accidents, speed causes death and that's the reason why we have our safe zones in place, that is the reason why our officers are out there looking for people who are speeding," Cpl. Sherrie Carruth, said.

If you get caught speed racing it's a misdemeanor and you face jail time, but if you have that need for speed, you can always go drag racing. The race track has days where any one that wants to race can pay a fee to race away.