H.E.B. Asking Customers to Go "Green"

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- H.E.B. has already sold 3,000 thousand cloth bags in the last four months. The bags are only 99 cents, and you can fit more groceries in there than your normal plastic bag. 
"Customer apreciate the fact that we are helping the environment, we do not have bio-degradable bags but these are more environment friendly," David Down, H.E.B. Unit Manager, said.

A part from helping the the environment, these bags have other advantages.

"Everybody seems to like them, they hold products a lot better they don't tear when ever you are going to load them up, and you can get a lot of products in there, and they are re-useable," Down said.

And the idea is sitting well with a lot of customers.

"Because if it's not one bag, it turns into more than one bag, and hopefully more people will start to join it," Stephanie Carpenter said.

"Quite honestly if we would of not gotten this, we would of been given seven or eight bags, which if we are coming here three or four times a week, that is way too many plastic bags that we are not going to do anything with, and they are just going to pile up," Britanni Brown, said.

But some customers say plastic bags aren't so bad.

"I use the plastic bags for other things, so they are not been wasted," Ginger Martin, said.

For Earth Day this Tuesday all of the H.E.B. stores are going to be giving out a free green-bag to each customer that brings five plastic bags. They will be giving them away from 3 in the afternoon until 7p.m.