Families in West Texas Making Family Time

by Roma Vivas
News West 9

MIDLAND- It's the second year the "Soccer and Scouts" has been around for families in both Midland and Odessa.  And many of those West Texans say the game is part of their family routine.  Some of the kids even practice at home with their older siblings. The league had a few problems when it first got started. But it's going strong this season.

"This game gives us more family time, quality time with our family," Lalo Martinez, parent, said.

They play every Saturday. But it has not always been easy to get the community to accept the game.

"We have had some criticism, because some parents come out, and they are use to and West Texas is use to cut throat games, you come you play you win or you lose," Carolina Martinez, Assistant Coach, said.

For the kids is just about having fun and not about winning or losing.

"They are use to playing with each other, you see a lot of the red and yellow shirts, sometimes they forget who is who so they end up going opposite ways or they score for each other, because they are not use to rival games," Venegas said.

And these soccer games are also very important for the families.
"Monday through Friday, she is at school and when she is home she is doing homework so Saturday is like the family day," Tanya Roberts, parent, said.

"It keeps us busy doing something different that we usually do on the weekends instead of staying in the house playing video games, watching TV.  It keeps them active," Angel Martinez said.

The game also gives family members a way to get away from their daily routine.

"It's an escape from the house, from the dishes, from the washing, doing dinner, yes it is a big escape," Juanita Rodriguez, another parent, said.

Some parents have even seen a positive change in their kids attitude after starting to play.

"She use to be shy and late back and now she gets in there now and mingles with the kids," Tanya Roberts, said.