Residents Pick Up the Pieces After Thursday's Massive Grassfire

by Roma Vivas
News West 9

NORTH ECTOR COUNTY- It's been about 24 hours since that wind-whipped and burned about 50 acres in north Ector County. Now that the people who live out here know their homes are safe, they have other worries.

"Today, after the fire had all settled down, we are trying to get the water back up," Wanda Richey said.

Thursday's blaze scorched and burned six homes to the ground.  Fire officials think the whole thing started from a an electrical problem.  Those who didn't lose their homes are counting their blessings today. 
"Thankful to the Lord, that none of our houses burned down," Richey said.

Not everyone was as lucky.  Felipe Morales' home was badly damaged by the blaze.  And even though he lost most of his belongings, he is grateful for what has been done for him.

"The Red Cross has helped us, and as I said before the fire department, people don't appreciate them, unless you see them working," Felipe Morales said.

Felipe Morales has only been living in the area for five year, and is surprised at how much West Texans have been willing to help out. 
"Everyone is so wonderful.  I have lived in Odessa for five years, and I have never seen people so close together," Morales said.

The Red Cross says one family has asked for assistance out of the six homes that were destroyed.  The Red Cross wants for residents of the Permian Basin to know that they are there to help out in situations just like this.