No End in Sight to Texas Gasoline Price Spike

Staff Report

The Associated Press

HOUSTON (AP) - There's no end in sight to the spike in Texas Retail gasoline prices as the prices at the pump climb deeper into record territory.

The weekly Triple-A Texas gas price survey released today shows regular self-serve is averaging $3.33 per gallon across the state. That's a nickel higher than last week and 55 cents per gallon higher than a year ago.

Even so, auto club spokeswoman Rose Rougeau (roo-ZHOH') says Texas has one of the lowest average retail prices for gasoline in the nation. Nationally, the price is averaging $3.418, up 6 cents from last week. California has the highest statewide average of $3.82 per gallon.

Back in Texas, San Antonio has the lowest average price for regular self-serve at $3.27. That's a local record-high a nickel higher than last week. The state's costliest gas is in Dallas, where the average is $3.35 per gallon. That's also a nickel higher than last week.


These are average per-gallon prices of regular, self-serve gasoline in Texas and nationally, as well as the change from last week, according to the Triple-A Texas Weekend Gas Watch released today:

Amarillo - $3.342, up 3.9 cents

Austin-San Marcos - $3.311, up 4.5 cents

Beaumont - $3.303, up 2.8 cents

Corpus Christi - $3.312, up 12.3 cent

Dallas - $3.353, up 4.8 cents

El Paso - $3.285, up 4.2 cents

Fort Worth - $3.356, up 4.8 cents

Galveston-Texas City - $3.344, up 5.4 cents

Houston - $3.333, up 4.6 cents

San Antonio - $3.272, up 5.2 cents

Texarkana (Texas only) - $3.281, down 1.9 cents

State - $3.333, up 5.0 cents

Nationally - $3.418, up 6.1 cents