Odessa Man Killed in Dallas after a Drug Deal Gone Bad

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - An Odessa man is dead in Dallas, after what police there are calling a drug deal gone bad.

Investigators tell NewsWest Nine, the whole thing went down on the southeast side of Dallas, late Wednesday night.

Police say three men and two women, all from Odessa, went to a home looking to buy drugs.

That deal turned sour when two of the men went inside the home with guns drawn and started shooting.

One of those Odessa men was killed.

One of the men inside the home was shot and stabbed, he remains in the hospital.

Police have not released any names in connection with the shooting.

But the family of the man killed contacted NewsWest Nine, and has identified him as 20-year-old George Michael Andrada.

The other people from Odessa have not been arrested.

Police say they confiscated drugs and marijuana from the house.

The investigation continues.