Jenna Bush Makes a Visit to the Tall City

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The welfare of children, especially in poor Latin American Countries is the theme of a new book written by President Bush's Daughter, Jenna.

On Wednesday night, during a special dinner at the Midland Country Club, she promoted that book called ''Ana's Story.''

You have to give Jenna a lot of credit, because she has really rallied for children's causes during her Father's years in the White House.

She already helps children as a school teacher.

But Jenna had an idea to travel to Panama and a few other Latin American Countries, so she could see first hand how poverty, disease, and abuse have taken their toll on small children like the child, "Ana" in her new book, and that nine month internship she served with UNICEF really opened her eyes.

"There are many kids like Ana here in Midland who are facing some hardships who are living in poverty, or who are living in homes with abuse or facing decisions about protecting themselves and I think it's very important that we educate our kids and that we help our kids.  So, if you're a child or a parent of a kid, go out and make a difference.  In Peru, we visited projects where the proceeds of the book are funding, so that was really amazing and UNICEF was really supportive in that way that they're showing me where the money is actually going and it's going to help so many things," Jenna said.

Jenna told NewsWest 9, her trip to Latin America was not a one-time event, and that she has plans to visit children in poverty stricken countries in the future.

She also pointed out the growing number of children who suffer from aids in those Countries, and she hopes all Americans will help her in this monumental task.

You can buy the book, "Ana's Story" at most bookstores and online.

And most important, the proceeds go to help the children.

Another big reason Jenna came to the Basin was to raise money for the George W. Bush Childhood Home in Midland.

The Odessa High Percussion Ensemble was ready to entertain the crowd with a Latin and Caribbean music theme.

The proceeds from Wednesday night's sold out dinner for the Childhood Home is expected to raise between $75,000 to $100,000 dollars.

That money will help the Board of Directors for the Bush Childhood Home  keep the facility in tip-top shape.

As of Wednesday, Spokesman Rick Davis says more than seven thousand tourists have entered the home from 35 different Countries.