CPS Still Searching for Birth Certificates

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Child Protective Services still can't find birth certificates for many of the children removed from the Polygamist ranch in Eldorado.

Making it impossible to figure out how old they are, and who their parents are.

And what's worse; many of the kids don't know who is their mother and father.

That's the word from C.P.S. during a press conference on Tuesday.

They say many children have the same last name, but they may or may not be related.

C.P.S. is gearing up for a hearing Thursday to determine what will happen to the more than 400 children taken from the compound.

The State took the children into custody after allegations underage girls were forced to marry older men.

"I believe that we have victims, children who were victims, of physical abuse, and I think we have children who are victims of sexual abuse.  I think we also have children who were at risk because of the environment that they were in, that they could be potential victims, or that they certainly could be witnessing abuse or neglect.  And I believe, and my department believes, that this was not a safe environment for these children," Marleigh Meisner with Child Protective Services, said.

Meanwhile, the mothers back at the Ranch are speaking out saying they feel persecuted and want their children back.