WIC Handling Higher Food Costs

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Higher food prices are cutting into budgets for many non-profit and state run programs, but despite the rising costs the Women Infants and Children's Program or WIC is working on a new way to provide nutritious foods.

Judy Hardin says even though things like milk and beans have gone up almost a dollar in the last year.

And they're busy juggling the higher price of foods offered in the program, they actually will be expanding in a year.

The WIC program will soon include vouchers for fruits and veggies.

"We're gonna start having fruits and vegetables on the WIC program, we're really excited about that.  30 years ago when WIC was invented they were more worried about not getting enough food, not getting enough protein.  Now, we're more worried about American's are getting fatter and fatter, and we need to eat more fruits and vegetables and we're excited about that finally in the WIC Program we're going to be able to offer fruits and vegetables," Judy Hardin, with WIC said.

Hardin says their supplemental program only provides a little extra help each month, but many families are still struggling with higher food prices.