Tax Software Sales On the Rise

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- With taxes due Tuesday people are hurrying to file their taxes. We actually found a variety of poeple who do their taxes a different way.

"The sell of software has being increasing as we get closer to tax day," Randal Rodgers, Best Buy Operational Manager, said.

But don't worry there is enough for everyone. But before you go and buy that program you should remember a couple of things.

"It's cheaper to do in a software, but it depends on how you value your time, and what you want to do with it, how complex are your taxes, and what you have done during your fiscal year," Rodgers said.

Some people have tried to use a computer program, but it has not worked out for them.

"I actually tried that one year and I did not get the right deductions that I was needing. I drive a truck for a living, so I am allowed extra deduction to take being away from home, and most of the on-line things don't cover that," John Melton, Tax Payer said.

For other tax payers, they just have not gone around to do it with a program even if it looks cheaper.

"I have seen commercials it looks easy, it looks cheaper too, I just have never done it," Angel Chavez, Tax Payer.