St. Joseph's Home Health Make Trip to Lobby in Washington

by Roma Vivas
News West 9

MIDLAND- "A lot of these people live so far away that they don't really have a doctor or someone to give them his home health," Luis Diaz, St Joseph's Home Care owner, said.

Because it's so hard for many West Texans to travel for good health care.  Agencies like Saint Joseph's provides help for many.  But with cut-backs on the way, that means cut-backs in these types of services.

"This would really hurt the patients, it would hurt us, it would everybody, the tax payers.  Who wants to see a friend a family member hurting because they can't pay for their own medicine," Diaz said.

And home health care costs a lot.

"You are looking at transportation cost for the nurse, you are looking a physicians signing the orders when they come and provide the hospital care and then having to return to their and then we have to follow up from this area," Delma Diaz, St Joseph's Home Care owner, said.

But Luiz and Delma are not going to stop until Capitol Hill gives health agencies what they had promised.

"We are going to go out there and the mist of probably in the mist of millions of people and say hey this is not right," Delma Diaz said.  

So far Delma and Luis are the only home health care providers that have gone to Washington to lobby with our state representatives.  But they encourage the community to get involve and make calls.