Residents Scramble to Repair Hail Damage

by Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA--We've been wanting and needing the rain for some time now.

But with the rain, comes the inevitable, hail.

And with the hail, comes, you guessed it.

"We had about five in this morning with damage on their vehicles."

Depending on your damage estimate, you could pay high dollar for repairs.

According to the manager of Newman's Body Shop, Todd Newman, "If you're doing paintless dent repairs it could be 17 to 3,000 dollars.  Anything over that is probably going to be about 4 to 6 thousand."

Insurance companies all over the basin are getting phone calls like crazy.

The office manager for Fred Loya Insurance in Odessa said, "As of 10 o'clock this morning, we had already over 35 calls, and it's been continuous since then.   I couldn't even put a number on it right now."

But if you're insured with this particular agency, Friday is your lucky day.

Vanessa Valdez explains, "I am having adjusters from Corpus, El Paso, everybody coming down to our area.  So they are going to be in Odessa and Midland, and they are going to be issuing checks right off the bat tomorrow.  So they're going to be having their claim numbers, and they'll be issuing you a check here in the office."

Newman says, it's a big difference compared to what you could expect, "You're probably looking at three to four weeks.  Right now, the insurance companies are looking for someplace to set up so they can look at the vehicles."

Valdez tells us, if you are insured with Fred Loya and you wait to file a claim after the adjusters leave on Friday, you'll still have to wait, just not as long.

"They'll take about 24 hours for the adjuster to be contacted, and then they contact you, and send out the appraiser, and then from there, it's probably 2 or 3 days at the most."

Either way, for businesses like Todd Newman's, it's like Christmas in April.

"It helps our business.  It helps the roofers and the window people. Anything it breaks, helps the economy."