Foster Families Needed in West Texas

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

An Odessa youth minister and his wife say they want to help meet the overwhelming need for parents in our area. 

They've opened up their lives and home and say they just want to help make a difference.

"We just got tired of people talking about helping people and not doing anything about it," Craig Stevenson," an Odessa foster parent said.

In November of last year, Craig and Lindsey Stevenson became foster parents to kids from High Sky Children's Ranch.

"Everything has changed," Craig said. "Anytime you go from no kids to three kids in just a matter of months, your life is totally and dramatically different."

Many of the children who are in foster care move around frequently. Craig and Lindsey's children have been in four different schools in just the past year.

"There are just so many kids being shipped out to other parts of the state because we just don't have enough foster homes," Craig said.

West Texas agencies say that need is growing.

"There was a great need for foster parents in the permian basin area," said Jim Palmer, Recruiter at High Sky Children's Ranch. "But this situation with the children coming out of Eldorado has just intensified the need for people being willing to open their homes up to be foster parents."

The Stevensons say they are considering adding one of the children taken out of the Eldorado compound to their family.

"Those kids, we've seen in the news all the things they've gone through," Craig said. "These kids need someone to be there for them. It doesn't matter who it is, if you're an adult and can breathe, and can sit there and listen to a child talk or take them to a game or do whatever to be involved in their life, they need that."

High Sky Children's Ranch offers training and resources for parents any time they need help.

"I know a lot of people probably have fears about this Eldorado situation with the sexual abuse," Lindsey Stevenson said. "But all the resources you need are there. They are there to work with you through it, and you're not out there on your own."

Financial help is available for foster parents. Agencies like High Sky help to provide clothes, toys, and health care for children.

If you want to learn more about High Sky and how you can get inolved, click here.