Midland Memorial Hospital Receives Big Gift to Fund New Patient Tower

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A big gift given to Midland Memorial Hospital as they kick off the "Capital Campaign" to build a new patient building.

On Thursday, Clarence Schabauer Junior, pledged 25 million dollars over the next five years to the capital campaign.

He handed over a five milllion dollar check to kick it off.

All to help the hospital make big changes.

"The hospital is planning to build a new patient tower to replace our 50-60 year old in-patient beds and ICU beds, and labor and delivery, and surgical space, and Mr Scharbauer's gift will be the foundation of a larger capital fundraising campaign that we hope will continue to bear fruit through the course of the year," Russell Meyers, with Midland Memorial Hospital said.

The total cost of the new paitent tower is estimated at 140 million dollars.