BVISD Transfer Program

by Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

IMPERIAL- Ballooning gas prices are costing school districts around the Basin millions, but for Buena Vista ISD it may soon cost the school nearly 20 percent of the student body, if administrators and parents can't come up with a way to cut the cost of busing children from other districts.

"This year we are losing money," said Superintendent David Dillard, BVISD.

Dillard says the district started a transfer program four years ago but this year is the first year it's actually costing more to bus the children in to Imperial.

BVISD buses 24 children from the West side Wal-Mart in Odessa, 46 other students are bused from Fort Stockton, Monahan's, Grandfalls, and Coyanosa.

The 90 mile trek back and forth from Odessa is the most costly of the routes.

Each month the district earns just under $800 dollars for all the Odessa students, but spends more than $1,500 dollars on gas.

"We're not just wanting to say no get out of here, these are our students, we want to work with our parents to search for a solution," said Dillard, who says the district is now in tough position.

Thursday at 7:00, Dillard says parents are invited to a School Board meeting to discuss possible solutions.

Dillards hopes a parent run car pool or other possible ideas will get tossed around.

The School Board will host another discussion in May.