Eldorado Residents Helping FLDS Church Members

by Sarah Snyder
NewsWest 9

ELDORADO - Texas authorities say they have completed their search of West Texas Compound In Eldorado.

"At first, I think everybody was really worried when they first came in," Rosa Castilleja, an Eldorado Resident, said.

But Eldorado neighbors have been pitching in to help the State and local officials.

"Everybody was willing to help take care of them. We bought groceries and gave money to support feeding them. Everybody was real good," One Resident said.

"Some of the church people have really helped the kids and mothers with the food and everything else," Castilleja said.

When the fundamentlist latter day saints church first moved in there was only 70 members, and as the sect grew, the rumors started to spread.

"There was different reactions to when they first got here. As time went on, people just figured, as long as they kept to themselves and didn't harm anybody, we would just leave them alone," Josie Ramirez, another Eldorado Resident said.

"I think they picked Eldorado, because it's a quiet community and I just figured that whatever they decided they were going to do. This would probably be an easy place for them," Castilleja said.

State Troopers, Texas Rangers and other authorities have been at the remote ranch in Eldorado since last Thursday.