EXCLUSIVE...Big Spring Shooting Witness Speaks Out

By Victor Lopez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING--Samantha Brehm touches the last gift, Pat Rios ever gave her, "A friend needed gas money so he bought this necklace from him, and he gave it to me.  And that's the only thing I've got of him now."

Wednesday was the first time she's been back to scene, since the shooting happened on Monday.

"I heard everything.  I saw it.  I was there.  I witnessed it," Brehm said.

Samantha says she's known the Rios family all her life. She says there was a reason 37 year old Patrick was carrying a shot gun that day, to protect his brother Teddy, who Samantha says, had already been threatened by a man, she knows only as Matt.

Samantha explained what happened, "To start off with, dude threatened him with the gun.  He flat out told him, 'I have a gun, it's whatever.'  I was standing in the doorway.  I heard it all."

A makeshift memorial sits just a few feet away from where she says, Pat Rios died in his brother's arms.

Brehm says it was an issue of respecting someone's home and family, an argument that got out of hand.

"A few words got crossed.  Matt called him a really nasty word and Pat told him okay, it's whatever.  No punches were swung, no nothing."

That's when Pat Rios stood up for his family.

Police reports say, Rios threatened a narcotics officer with a shot gun.   But this witness says differently.

"Dude brought the gun out without even identifying himself as a police officer, and just shot him three times, that was it.  I don't understand why the police are saying it was all Pat's fault.  If Pat didn't pull that gun on him, then how can he shoot him?  I can understand that one time is self defense, but isn't three times murder?"

And she's left with a memory that she'll have to live with for the rest of her life.

Amidst a sea of tears, she remembers, "I'm seeing Teddy with his brother in his lap telling him, 'no Pat, no!'  That's not something I'll be able to forget.  That's like friends.  That's like family to me."